Stabilize the Bitcoin market

Project REGAIN is intended to stabilize the Bitcoin market


CROWDSALE Stage2 started on 1st of April 2018 16am HKT.
REG tokens on pre-sale now!.


In order to achieve the goal of the project,
we issue REG tokens and utilize the cloud funding model of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to finance the project.

REGAIN Kickoff Meeting 2017 Event Report

REGAIN/CEO interview regarding "REG tokens"

The REGAIN CEO interview conducted by CCA staff.
REGAIN/CEO: Dan Affleck interview is here, please see below.


Mining Profit Share

We will issue our own tokens called REG tokens for investors.
The owners of REG tokens can earn 60% (*8) of the mining profit earned by our company divided equally.
*It will be cut off on end of the month and will be paid out on 15th of the following month.

Monthly Profit 6.80%

CROWDSALE Stage 1 Start on 22nd of December 2017 (16am HKT)

Monthly Profit 6.10%

CROWDSALE Stage 2 Start on 1st of April 2018 (16am HKT)

Monthly Profit 5.20%

CROWDSALE Stage 3 Start on 1st of July 2018 (16am HKT)

Monthly Profit 8.00%

CROWDSALE Stage 4 Start on 1st of November 2018 (16am HKT)